Book Review: Under the Rainbow

Under the Rainbow
A mother's experiences of the promises of God
by Catherine Campbell

This is the story of a mother's journey with God through heartache and loss. It candidly reveals her devastation and anger when not just one but two of her three children are born with multiple disabilities. In time Catherine comes to view her family tragedy from a different perspective. She shows us the delights as well as the sorrows of her family life. This book will make you laugh and it will make you cry but ultimately it will reveal to you a God who always keeps His Promises.

Catherine Campbell is a former nurse, currently an author and speaker. She lives in Northern Ireland. Author of God Knows Your Name, Broken Works Best, and Rainbows for Rainy Days. 

I have to say that along with A Dream So Big, I'm not at all in agreement with what these authors have to say.  That isn't to say though that you won't be. This is a well written, and entertaining book to read though. I really think it can offer hope to the right person as well, especially someone with a child or children with disabilities.
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