Book Review: Dangerous

caleb bislow with ted kluck
Engaging the People and Places no one else will
Caleb Bislow with Ted Kluck

In 2005 Caleb Bislow decided safety was overrated. Realizing there was on where on earth beyond the reach of God's love, he became what might be called an "extreme missionary" traveling to some of the world's most dangerous and despised places. From warring tribal villages in Africa to red-light districts in Asia to Guatemalan prisons, Caleb witnessed God's light break throughout the darkness again and again. Are you tired of playing it safe? Filled with unforgettable stories of what can happen when men and women completely surrender to God's lead, Dangerous will help you see how He can use each of us no matter where in he world we are. 

Caleb Bislow has been humbled to advance God's kingdom on every inhabited continent in the world. He was trained in survival by former British commandos is the director of Unusual Soldiers training events and is a sought after speaker through Kingdom Building Ministries. Caleb and his wife, Jessica qne their three children call Franklin Nebraska their home.

I've reviewed, and read of course, a lot of books that are asking to seek help from other people like Open by Craig Cross, as well as a multitude of self help spiritual books like Clean for Men's sexuality. I think though that this is the first teaching you how to help others that I've read. Its kind of refreshing, rather than asking everyone to do things for you. I wish though that this showed you can help people right near you, not just those far far away.

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