Book Review: Bumper Wipe Clean Activities

Sunday School Kid's book
Bumper Wipe Clean Activities
Written byJuliet David
Illustrated by Marie Allen

Packed full of fun activities, dot to dot, spot the mistakes, find the way matching pairs, hidden objects and many more. Bumper Wipe clean activities is just what it says it is. A young children's book full of different simple activities for kids to do. All of these activities have a focus on the bible, and each of the games should be easy for children 6 and up. This comes with a black felt tip pen, but any type of felt tip pen will work well. After the activity is completed you can simply wipe away the markings in the book with a dry or wet cloth, meaning this book can be used again and again.

This book would be perfect to order as a group set for a Sunday School class, and because it is wipe away, could be used again and again with different students. All of the activities are biblical, and in chronological order, starting with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and ending with Jesus riding a donkey. The illustrations are all very similar to those on the front cover, very cartoon and childlike.

I love the idea of this book, it brings bible stories to children when they are still very young, but doesn't try and load them down with facts or cruel things that happened. A great exposure for when they get a little bit old. The games although simple seem to be really fun, my favorite would be picking the items that didn't belong in Jesus's time. 

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