Book Review: Bible and Prayers

Book by Christina Goodings
Bible and Prayers
For Teddy and Me
Retold by Christina Goodings
Illustrated by Janet Samuel

Wonderful stories from the Bible that tell of God's love and care each with a special prayer to learn and say. The perfect book for a snuggle up story time. This book has bible extracts that are taken or adapted from the Good News Bible by the Bible Societies and HarperCollins Publishers. Copyrighted by Lion Hudson. This book starts with In the beginning,  then Noah and the Ark, Baby Moses, David and Goliath, Jonah learns a lesson, Daniel and the Lions, Jesus is bornJesus the teacher, the story of sower, the lost sheep, the farmer's son, the man in the tree, the good Samaritan, the first easter. 

The illustrations in this book all done by Janet Samuel consist of Biblical actions, for the stories, and modern day looking people for the prayers. The biblical illustrations aren't particularly accurate to what people would have looked like in the period, but it is a children's book. I do like though that all of the modern day children are different, not just or typical little Caucasian child.

Although I wish this book were a little longer, and had more stories, I like what's here. The stories are only about four pages long, and are very well written for a young person to read, or be read to. This would make a great companion book to Bumper Wipe Clean Activities Book.
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