Blogging at a Sewing Guild Meeting

Hanna Blogger
 I'm not sure if you all know these or not, but I'm kind of a sewing person. I've blogged about sewing a quilted wallet  and making a wool appliqué bird pillow  before so I think you might have guessed. What you may not know however, is that I'm a member of the American Sewing Guide, and actually was one of the first junior members for the ASG Indianapolis chapter. It really hasn't played that much a part in my life, I mean I've gone to a few meetings (not lately now that a friend who did it with me moved away) but its mostly my moms thing. 

Today, however I did a program all about blogs for the Franklin neighborhood ASG group. Originally the group had planned on having a woman come and talk about vintage clothing, but she canceled. This left my mother scrambling to find someone to talk at their meeting, so I suggested a Blogging 101 class, little did I know though that I'd be the one to teach it.

Collage of Hanna Lei
I was a little nervous at first about giving this presentation. I mean, I've been blogging for awhile now, and I have a little bit of a following, but by no means am I an expert. My program was pretty simple though. I went over over what a blog was, what different kinds of blogs there are and how to follow them. Then as an added bonus I also did instructions, and handed a print out, on how to set up your own blog on blogger.

Then at the end of my presentation, everyone did what they always do, talk about recent projects they've made. This week was a bonus though and everyone brought in their fair projects. Since one of mine is at the state fair, I ended up having only the upcycle pillow to show for a fair project. But, I did have the cat shaped dog toy too. 
American Sewing Guild Projects

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