Big Hair is away at School

Hanna Lei with Boyfriend
Although I commute to school everyday (okay like three days a week) my boyfriend lives on campus at the school he attends, and this week is his first week back. He plans on coming home every weekend, and he probably will for most of them since he did last semester. Its not really that we see each other more than once a week so not much will change, but I had all summer where he was just five minutes away and I'm going to miss that. To tell the truth I've been a super complainer about it, which I might have mentioned in my post about making mistakes in a relationship. This summer it seemed like every time I saw him I tried to convince him not to leave me, but of course he had to. Although he offered me the alternative, that I go with him, but of course I turned it down. Clearly I'm not all that serious about my sadness of  having him a little further away. 

I mean I'm sure we'll still do things like going to brown county to hike or just hanging out, which is quite fun to do. And I plan on going to all his school music things. A few of my friends can't understand how I'm going to manage, because they couldn't do it themselves. I've been given suggestions such as video chatting him every night, or transferring so that I can go to the same school as him. When I say that I'm fine the way I am, or that we only text about two day a week they're in shock.

I know a blogger who wrote a post about how to maintain a relationship when you can't see your significant other. Her time without him was 24 hours. Even at once a week I can't see writing a post about how Big Hair and I stay together. I have a feeling though in a few years, he'll be much farther away, so far that I'll only see him on school breaks, and maybe I'll be able to write one of those posts then.
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