and then my math books got wet

My day started out as pretty normal. I took a quick shower to rinse off, not washing my hair today, and didn't wear any makeup except the BA Star Deep Plum eyeshadow that I was testing out. It wasn't even put on that well, not for looks, but rather review purposes. I drove to school, and got there about 10 minutes to eight, which meant I had a whole hour to study before class. I read a little bit in my Psychology book and took some notes. Right before a class some girl was asking around for tampons, and I had one of my U by Kotex ones to give her. I felt like such a nice person doing it. 

Then came the hard part. My next class wasn't going to be until much later which left we with a lot of sitting around time. I started out studying chemistry, making more flash cards and the reading a chapter in the book. Then I went to my car to get my Calculus book and noticed everyone hanging out outside. I new before that they were having free food again but I didn't know it was a whole event. After studying a little more Calculus I decided to go and get myself a veggie burger. 

pretty veggie burger
 I was on the way out to my car and a lady in the catering truck basically shouted out to me that I should get one and that's why I did. I got a veggie burger with cheese and tomatoes and pickles that were on the side of the truck at a table, they could have been poisoned but I'm a risk taker. Oh and I also got some lettuce, but it feel on the ground. The problem with my burger, as good as it looked was that it was cold. I mean really so I ended up eating the tomatoes pickles and chips and saving the burger for my dog and bird.
textbook book that's wet
On the way back I had put my water bottle in my backpack and it leaked, really bad. I think because of how brittle they are with all that plastic saving thing. Both of my math books, as well as all my notebooks were soaked on the bottom, the only thing that was some how saved was my homework, luckily. I took my things to the hand drier but only did that for a few seconds because I'm afraid it would have torn up the pages. 

Math class though was fun, as much as it can be, the teacher is so entertaining. Not only that but he has so much passion about what he teaches. When I came home my father made me go to Lowe's with him and get new bricks. They didn't have them in the color he wanted so we ended up going to another Lowe's about twenty minutes away where he ended up getting the color the other store had in stock. It took forever because they didn't have enough people working there, and I had to help load it because my father didn't like how the man was doing it.

My day had a few fun times but overall I really would like a repeat. I think I can save my books, and the veggie burger isn't that big of a deal, but what I'm really mad about is the trip to Lowe's that's two hours of my time wasted on something completely stupid. Time I really don't have to spare.
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