A lot of Cave, A little History

I've mentioned before that I went to Mammoth cave and have done a few posts over individual things that I did while I was there but not really a post about the whole trip. I also haven't posted pictures of anyone, not even myself on the trip, so you could have thought that the pictures were from Google Images, although if I was going to do that, I would have at least put up better pictures. Anyways I figured I'd start off this post with a picture of Big Hair and I. I have a few others, but they don't look nearly as nice. Part of it is because of the lighting and part because I tend to look terrible after doing physical stuff. 

I ended up having a ton of fun, in part because I had someone to go with me instead of just being with my parents, something that would happen if I couldn't take a friend along. One of the problems of being an only child. Going to Mammoth Cave, and then Lincoln's birth place were both interesting things too which really helped out the cause. 

Mammoth Cave Tour
Mammoth Cave Pictures
Both the Mammoth Cave New Entrance Tour and the Mammoth Cave Historic tour were a lot of fun to walk, but weren't all that great to take pictures in. I ended up learning a little bit about cave history and I'd recommend either for someone who is in fairly good physical shape and wants to look at a cave. Neither of these tours though were for young children. Its just too many stairs. I saw one woman take her children through it, one who couldn't have been more than three and his legs were so tired that he was crying over it, of course she didn't care and made him going into an optional part of the cave that was seventy more steps. Another child on the Historic Tour did really well until he had to walk up the very steep hill and his father wouldn't let him rest.

The two room cabin at Mammoth Cave we stayed at wasn't a five star hotel, but I really liked it. My parents however weren't all that enthusiastic. For $70 a night though, they couldn't complain too much. The only bad thing though was how cold it was at night. I wasn't however happy with the food that we got from the Travertine Restaurant  I guess my dad's and my boyfriend's was good, but my mother's and my food was not so good.

home of Abraham Lincoln
The last place we went, while heading home was to Lincoln's First Home. It wasn't really a planned stop but since we saw it we figured why not stop. Even though it was on a Thursday afternoon there were a lot of people there. We had a great tour guide who answered everyones questions and was quite enthusiastic.

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