Wool Applique Pillow

Red bird on pillow
 I just finished making this wool appliquéd pillow, featuring a bird on a tree branch and I have to say that I love it. I think I like it even better than the pattern, which I bought on my Shipshewana trip surprising since I tend to be a little envious of the samples.  Even though I love the idea behind my t-shirt into a pillow, this appliqué pillow might be my favorite one. Its just so pretty, and all the extra little touches that were added, because of 4-H requirements makes it that much better. I can't think of anything that I want to change about this little sewing project.
pillow with a bird steps
The first step was ironing on the tree branches. I'm actually quite afraid of the iron, due to past experiences where I burned myself, but it wasn't to bad this time. After it was ironed on I added small clusters of beads, consisting of three long straight ones and one small ball. Up next came the bird. In the pattern he is plan and simple bit I thought he needed a little character so I used a felting machine and added a wing as well as a beak and then sewed him on. His eyes came last and consisted of a long bead and a thin bead making him look a little angry, this reminds me of the angry bird I received from the Activison family game summit.   After he was sewn on came the binding and the back, last but not least in went a hidden zipper and a pillow case was put in.
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