Vivo Masquerade Masks

Venetian masks have been around since the twelfth century. Widely used at celebrations and gatherings in the renaissance period these masks would symbolize a persons wealth and status based on how beautifully made they were, when you couldn't see the wearer's face. These masks became so popular that governments created laws banning the use of them during certain activities. In the early 1900's these masks again became in fashion with huge Masquerade balls balls being thrown, and since the 1990's where there are more casual mask parties. sells handmade Venetian style masks all the way from Italy and provide free three day shipping to USA addresses. They have hundreds of beautifully designed masks to browse each different from the last. Shopping the site is easy too, you can search by price, occasion, color and material, and the photos of each mask are very detailed and provide measurement information.

Here are a few of the masks for sale on their shop. Originally I was going to pick out a few of my favorites and feature them, but there were just too many to decide from, so I went with a random selection which still seems to contain a ton of masks that I love. 

Below is how my order arrived, which, just like they said arrived in three days. Perfect for a last minute rush to get the perfect mask. My mask came in a much larger box than I was expecting, actually I was afraid that they were just going to send it padded mail envelope where the mask could get damaged, but they totally exceeded my expectations. Inside the box, which was very securely taped were a ton of styrofoam packing peanuts so many that I didn't even see my mask at first, wrapped neatly in clear plastic.

artistic venetian mask
The first pictures of my Colombian Harlequin Mask that was given to me by the people over at It was so much lighter (weight wise) than I expected, but looks just as beautiful as in their product pictures, the detailing is amazing. On the back its even signed. Coming later this week will  be an outfit post featuring this Masquerade mask, that will teach you how to wear a Venetian mask to a party.
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