Things at Shipshewana

horse and buggy
While walking around Shipshewana looking at the flowers and fish, I saw a ton of people on bicycles and in carriages pulled by horses. There was also a buggy ride for tourists, at a cost of course, that you could go on. This is what this particular brown horse was doing. I walked by him a few times and of course I said hello.  
the fish at shipshewana
I know that I've already mentioned the fish at shipshewana, as well as eating at the Blue Gate Restaurant but I had to show them again. They're just too cute. A little further up this "stream" fish were trying to swim up the current for no reason at all.
almost real horse
When I was walking around, actually on my way to Shipshewana's tree mall I saw this horse on the outside of a frozen yogurt building. As much as I love frozen yogurt I was still too full trying to get my money out of a buffet that I had for lunch to even attempt more food. The horse however, I did have to stop for because its so life like.
mail box visitor's guide
The last thing I saw when I was leaving was this mail box visitor's guide. Too bad I hadn't seen it at the beginning of the Shipshewana trip, because it would have been very helpful to see a map with the overview of businesses. Even though this was my third trip I'm sure that I still missed many things.
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