Thanks for my Keys Big Hair

Hanna Marie Lei
So I'm going to start out by saying I didn't leave the house today. Really for though that isn't out of line at all. Unless I'm going somewhere with my boyfriend or to school, I don't really go anywhere during the week. I like my alone time. With this alone time today I cleaned my bedroom and bathroom as well as did a load of laundry and I did a few blog posts that I don't like to post on the main page because it be a little overwhelming. Here they are:

See? Its not like I just sit around all day in my pajamas, although technically that's what I did for most of the day, I did stuff while sitting in them. The thing is though, that I since I didn't leave the house all day and was up pretty late hanging out with my man that I didn't realize my keys weren't where they were supposed to be. Normally I keep them in a basket in the kitchen but at about 10:30 my father went  to go check something and noticed mine were not there.

Instantly I remembered that I had left them in my boyfriends car from when we were hanging out the day before. So I texted him to check, and of course they were there, but he was nice enough to bring them to me. Which was fantastic because I have to go to school at about 7:00 tomorrow morning and I don't I have any friends nice enough to get up that early. I half way expected him to be mad about having to do it but he wasn't at all, actually saying that he "liked to help me out" you know what this means, a Big Hair made fish pond in my future. 
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