Texts: Become a Rockstar Sir

Only if you promise to get drunk enough that I can take advantage of you by forcing you to be with me FOREVER. Or until you get a divorce.
‪Big Hair:
         I didn't get this message last night :-(

Take advantage of me how? By getting me pregnant?!
Hanna Lei:
         I have a feeling your sleeping habits are going to ruin our relationship.  I'm going to get you drunk and take you to a chapel. Isn't that the only reason people go to Vegas?
‪Big Hair:
         I have a feeling that you just made me sad. Well, that's what I figured you meant! Why else would I have mentioned Vegas?!
Hanna Lei:
         Its okay. When we break up I can be your #1 stalker............ (I'm using my computer) -- That was one of my christmas presents--- I dunno maybe because you have an addition problem and you wanted to gamble :)
‪Big Hair:
         I don't think either of us would be too happy if we broke up!

I don't like gambling! It's boring. Maybe I have a love for cheeky chapels.
Hanna Lei:
         Ah I'd cry a whole bunch and then make a wall of things from Big Hair. Then, Hanna Lei would try and get you to date her.... Wooo! but you can't go for this plan. The whole point is me taking advantage of you. You're always so willing <3
‪Big Hair:
         See?! So I don't see the point in even alluding to it.

Hanna Lei? Oh, that's right. You don't like discussing her.

Fine. I'm not marrying you in Las Vegas. I have very bad judgement when drinking. Better?
Hanna Lei:
         Yeah! Because you like to cheat on me with her. I hate that  she steals all my stories and passes them off as hers, and you too!....... Much, now I'm off to buy plan tickets for saturday. Then you'll be forced to be a sex slave foreves
‪Big Hair:
         Haha I'm not technically cheating because she for some reason won't have sex with me, so...

Those are expensive! Good for Hanna, taking the initiative. No! I can't be a sex slave! 😉 It's hard to pretend to be unwilling.
Hanna Lei:
         Exactly. It's only cheating if there is penetration.

Just lots of things I want to do!

Does this mean I should start looking for barns now?
‪Big Hair:
          Just not the type you'd think.

I think I could deal with that though. How awful could it be?

Barns are generally not for sale on people's properties, so go for it!
Hanna Lei:

Yayayay! . I'm excited.

...Frank has a nice large barn we can use. Plus I bet we can get someone to rent us one!
‪Big Hair:
         Maybe,  life is private.

No!! What if I'm a really mean that whispers mean things to you to break you down.

Ugh.. Why barn?! Maybe you're retarded again.
Hanna Lei:
         I doubt it. She'll write about anything to get page views.

I'd be into it. You're a very pretty boy.

Because musicians are poor. Even semi successful ones. :/ I'm just preparing for the worst.
‪Big Hair:
         Well, I don't think people want to read about her boyfriend. They want to read about Hanna Lei!

Ha You're pretty.

No! I know 0 musicians that don't live in a house. Therefore, you're wrong!
Hanna Lei:
         Naw man they want to see her naked pictures.

Well. I just saw pictures of the house of a member of what I would consider an achievable famous band. And it sucked. Hard core. So yeah! Barn for us.
‪Big Hair:
         Me too! Me too! Me too!

What about an apartment?! Those could be kind of cheap, and we can start to get tough on account of we'd be living close to the streets.
Hanna Lei:
         There you go!

No Conner. You can't hide illegal immigrants in an apartment.

Oh and it was a member of . Do you know that band? The prettiest member.
‪Big Hair:
         Oh, Hanna....

Fine! Barn, whatever.

I love ! I was listening to them yesterday.
Hanna Lei:
         Yes! I knew I'd win you over. And on the plus side that mean high ceilings!

Well their lead guitarist is a hottie! Except he looks like a little boy...
‪Big Hair:
         It's not fair. You're a girl.

Haha That's nice! He does look pretty young, but he's a good guitarist! They're singer is great, too!

Oh, hey. I love your face!
Hanna Lei:
         So? You're a boy.

I be an internets stalker
Ah you're being so complementary today! Have you been taking happy pills?
‪Big Hair:
         What's wrong with that house? It looks fine to me!

Haha No, it's just true! I don't have happy pills. 1:00 tomorrow, right?
Hanna Lei:
         Nothing! I just expected something semi fancy, especially since his wife works too!

Although if you became as well known as that band it'd totally qualify as rock star.

Yes! Is this you trying to get rid of me?
‪Big Hair:
         Maybe they don't care for big houses, like me! It seems nice to me.

We'll see! It would be very nice to be that well-known.

Nope! I'm just making sure, because I'm excited! Woooo!
Hanna Lei:
         It has siding. And that's the point it's just nice! His wife is a super hottie though. Like WOAH.

Exactly. I think we've come to a fair place. You're pretty though so...

Yay! I love my Big Hair time. :)
‪Big Hair:
         You're too judgmental! People will that about Hanna when I'm a rock star ;-)

I doubt everyone would agree with you, so I think it'll be fine!

I love my Hanna time :-)
Hanna Lei:
         No way. They'll be all that girl has so big eyes (thanks to lens village)

Agree with me how!? You're the hottest boy around.

Ah. I felt like last week I didn't get nearly as much time as I require
‪Big Hair:
         Haha No! All my friends think you're hot!

I don't know about that. I'm glad you think so though!

Well, we had different things going on, so I couldn't stay until two in the morning last week 😍
Hanna Lei:
         They just say that. I'm average looking!

It's true. Lots of girls in High school liked you.

I know. :( I really think I'm going to have to get a blow up doll of Big Hair.
‪Big Hair:
         No! You're hot!

None of them knew me though. Plus, I was hung up on Hanna for such a long time! 
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