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Best Tech Gear
I've had this Technology Wish List sitting in my drafts for so long now that I figured I had better post it before all the technology changes, which can happen very quickly. I know that I've done posts on useless technology can be, but still I can't live without it so I've compiled a short (but expensive) wish list of things that I want.

1.  Bose headphone - I almost never listen to music due to the fact that I hate my headphones. I have the simple ones that came with my iPhone and they're actually too big for my ears. Other than the comfort I think this would offer a significant sound improvement and I love how they look.

2.  An Alarm/Speaker for my phone. If you're seen my room tour  you know that I don't currently have a bedside table so I guess this really wouldn't be a practical thing to own, but it looks so cool. I love the wood color, but it also comes in different plastics.

3. A gaming chair. Ever since the Activision Summit I've really been into a lot of different gaming things. I've been playing my Xbox a ton and would love to sit on a comfy chair instead of the couch.

4. iPhone 5 - Currently I have the iPhone four, just four not even the 4S. I want Siri. Not to mention my iPhone's home button is starting to malfunction and its so slow.

5. Nikon D800 -  I have a few blogger cameras but they're rather old, and as I mentioned technology really does change quickly. The fact that this does HD videos would be amazing not to mention all those megapixels.

6. Desktop Mac - For Christmas I was given the Apple laptop, but for somethings a desktop would be really nice. College power points look so much nicer on a big screen, and writing papers too.

7. A phone attachment - These are so silly, but they look adorable. Best part, I think you can get them for about $10.

8. New iPad - Currently I have the second iPad version, that has a Domeo case on it but its starting to get a weird magnate thing that happens to it. It will completely freak out to the point where its almost unusable. 

9. Flash drives - These moster flash drives are so cute. I love that they are cushiony so they protect the actual flash drive. 

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