Tale of a Beaver

Beaver it is

Hanna Marie Lei
 If you remember my Shipshewana trip, I came back with peanut butter from the Blue Gate Restaurant as a souvenir for my boyfriend. He didn't really like it, but honestly he doesn't like much (old man syndrome) so I wasn't too upset by it. He did however bring me something when he went to Tennessee on a family vacation so I'm thinking that I set a precedent of gifts after away trips. If so, this works great for me because he goes on more trips than me.  When he came back he brought me a beaver.

This is the second stuffed animal that he's gotten me, the first being the Cyndaquil pokemon that he gave me for Valentines Day. When he first brought the beaver to me, who's name might be Bucky but I'm not sure because my boyfriend insisted on taking the tags off immediately (as if I was really going to return him) I thought he was a bear. That's something that's pretty common for boys to get girls, which was exactly why I ended up with a beaver, that my boyfriend thought was a beaver when he first bought it. Clearly though if you look at its tail you can see a beaver. 

On a side note his family decided to tell me that my boyfriend's father had, loudly, mentioned when they were getting to leave that he had "packed Hanna's beaver" when they were telling the story they all laughed and I got the impression that somehow this was a reference to some sort of vulgar word. Not knowing what it meant I pretended I did and sort of laughed along. When I went home I looked it up and I guess beaver can be referring to vagina. I still don't understand why it was so funny, but at least I like my new stuffed beaver.
Tail of a toy beaver

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