Summer Dollar General Haul

haul from the dollar general
Since my Dollar General Beauty haul last month, it seems like I've found a new place to buy all of my beauty items. Not only is it close to my house (much closer than Walmart) making it easier to get drugstore brands, but it tends to be a little cheaper too, oh and at Dollar General you can use coupons. This haul was last week, but I like to get all my beauty reviews for the products I bought up before I do my writing.

TRESemme Luxurious Moisture Shampoo - Before trying out this shampoo I forgot how much I loved Tresemme products. Originally this was $3.50 but I had a dollar off coupon from the newspaper. I think this is my favorite drug store product ever.

TRESemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner - Another great TRESemme product. I always love a good conditioner and this is one of those. My hair feels so light after use.

Caress Velvet Bliss Soap -  I don't normally use bar soap, but I might have to start because as a lather this soap is perfect for shaving. Not only that but since it has lotion in it, my skin feels super smooth (and clean) after use.

U by Kotex tampons - Since my period still hasn't ended I was forced to buy more tampons. This time around I got the super ones so that they last longer than my three hour class. They were the same price as the regulars that I got before so a win win.

Always Infinity Pads - Another buy thanks to my birth control I've tried a few other pads, but I keep going back to the Always Ultra thins because they are amazing. Seriously thin, and very absorbent.

Garnier Moisture Rescue Lotion - Since it was on sale I decided to try out a moisturizer by Garnier it has its pluses and minuses but overall a very nice face lotion. Just don't use a ton at a time.

For the products that didn't get reviews, here is what I have to say. Off spray. Its summer time and I need use this stuff to keep out the bugs, especially when I go into the woods. I'm however not really qualified to write a full review on off. Simply Venus Razors. They aren't good, they aren't bad. Just a cheap disposable razor. All and all I really liked everything that I bought at the dollar general. What I did was go back to the clearance area like the lotion, it was $4 and then half off of that. 

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