Sold my textbooks to Barnes & Nobel

Books to sell
Since I had my first semester of college last year, which wasn't so bad, as well as summer classes I had a few books to sell back to the Barnes & Nobel Book Store. I'm not sure if you can sell your used textbooks there if that isn't where you bough them, since I always buy mine there, but I do know that the check your ID to make sure you're actually a student. But they might have checked my classes too, because she typed it in instead of just verifying.

I only had four books to sell because if you remember my post about packing for college you'd see that some of the books I got were weird paper print out things, (which were way to expensive, I could do a whole post on the price of school books) that can't be resold. I also kept one of them to give to a friend who wanted to learn more about Business 101. Well out of my four books, only two were "up to date" meaning the current versions which is complete lie because 3/4 were just bought in June for the first Summer Session. I think I'm going to see if I can sell them on eBay, even if that whole eBay coupon was a scam. I'll start from the beginning though.

On Tuesday I went in to sell my books, I walked in the door bell went off but no one came. After about five minutes I was tired of waiting so I just left. Today when I went in the bell went off and someone came from the back, which makes me think they were just ignoring me the first time. A girl came up asked me what I needed and after I told her I wanted to sell my textbooks back she got the manager.

The manager had my card for about ten minutes typing things in and such, I have no idea what was going on, and then asked me what I had to sell. I laid out the books, and she told me that three were out of date but one of the three she'd take anyways. She then told me I shouldn't sell my books in the summer (uh when else would I?) and I only ended up with $40 from the books quite terrible since they were about $500 for the four.
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