Sister Cats, Mo & Jo

cats that are related that look different
I've now done individual posts over both Moe the Cat and Joe the Cat so I figured I could do a post about these fabulous sisters together.  Now this isn't some kind of sister wife thing where these lady cats share one big tom cat, these girls really are sisters. Quite awhile ago (sorry I have no idea how long it actually was) I was visiting my grandparents and I heard kitten sounds. At first assuming this was just wishful thinking I ignored it, but when it kept happening I told my grandmother who thought it might be a local cat bird (like Elizabeth the African Grey?) but after a little bit of exploring we found the culprits, three very young kittens.

Unfortunately the littlest, a calico ended up dying but her older sisters, Moe and Joe did quite well and have lived happy lives on the farm. Joe loves being carried around and makes an adorable chirping sound when she sees new people, her way of greeting them. Mo is quite a bit smaller than her sister and always looks like she's very angry but is in fact quite sweet. Instead of chirping like her sister she tends to meow in a little whine until you pet her.

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