Sewing A Quilted Wallet

diy accordion wallet
Lately it seems like I've been really into doing the whole DIY sewing thing. The first was my project to turn a shirt into a pillow, and the second was making a wool appliqué pillow, and now I'm showing you a little wallet that I made for myself.  When I first saw this project I assumed that it was going to be very simple, and only take about an hour, unfortunately I was very wrong on both accounts, it ended up taking about nine hours. Maybe it would have been cheaper to buy one of those quilted Vera Bradley designed wallets but I ended up with something unique to me which is always a plus.

I really love the pink colors especially since they are mismatched, and the inside is beautiful. Since I need something small to carry around this wallet is perfect. It has holders for my ID and credit cards as well as a zippered pouch to put change in. This quilted wallet would also go great with the purse my parents gave to me for my birthday.
sewing first steps for wallet
First up was picking the colors. Although I love what I ended up deciding on, I was a little unsure about my color choice in the beginning, I guess little projects like this quilted wallet show you that not everything has to match to look nice. The first real step and the hardest one was the quilting. This is where a ton of the time went, cutting out and sewing all these little pieces. A big way to save time would be to skip the quilting and buy fabric that's already machine quilted. Sure you aren't going to have something as personal and the fabric will be more expensive, but you'll make up for that with the time you save. After doing the basic form for the pockets and outside, the zipper went in, and then the binding. The last step was to add the closure which was a little tricky because I didn't want to lose any of my pocket space.
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