Sergeant the Shepherd Dog

dog to guard houses
After working on day three of my chest, I went with my Grandparents to look after their neighbors' house. We had to feed the cows, seriously the only grain feed cows this time of year, feed the cat, water the plants, and of course give food and water to Sergeant the I think German Shepherd Dog. When we first went in, I had to help close the gate, and I was a little worried that he would try and bite me, since he is a large dog. He ended up being super friendly though.

Actually he wouldn't stop licking me once I got out of the truck. He even jumped up and licked me on the lip which I find a little gross. The whole time we were there he ran back and forth across their huge yard. I've never seen anything with so much energy. He would chase every bird out of the yard, which I guess is okay since they did buy him to keep things out of their garden, although I think they were more focused on the deer than anything else. 

While we were there he broke a nice looking flower in his running about and we saw the evidence of his previous bad behavior. Two broken solar lights that I'm sure he just plowed right through. When his owners get back, I doubt they'll be happy with him. 
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