Review: Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar

protein bar made with greek yogurt Zone Perfect
As one of the last components of my Influenster box, other items included new skin liquid bandages, diet pills, and headache relief powder, I received this Greek Yogurt Chocolate Zone perfect bar, which is considered either a protein or a nutrition bar to test out. It tastes really good, but has a few things that I'm not so sure about, that I'll get to later. 

First the packaging isn't really my favorite. I mean, I don't expect my snakes to look perfect, but at least a little pretty would be nice. This Zone Perfect bar shouts protein supplement. It does though clearly show what flavor the bar is, an appetizing greek yogurt chocolate, and even includes a product picture. 

As for the taste, its fairly good, and very good for what it is. I mean I've had some terrible health bars in my past. This bar has 12g of protein and 3g of fiber with only about 190 calories. From the looks of it, the bar doesn't seem to contain too much sugar. The best part though is that the Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Chocolate bar is so soft and has these little chunky flakes on the inside that add a lot of texture.

Overall I really like how healthy and how well this Greek Yogurt Chocolate Nutrition and protein by Zone Perfect tastes. The packaging isn't too bad, but the price is terrible at $1.25 a bar. I only hope they have a better price if you get a higher quantity.
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