Review: Suave 24 Hour Antiperspirant

suave everlasting sunshine protection
24 Hour Protection Deodorant
Everlasting Sunshine 
Suave Invisible Solid

For a cheap deodorant, suave has always been one of my go to antiperspirants. Its available almost anywhere, easy to apply and is from a trusted brand. Surprisingly though I've yet to do a review over any suave deodorants even though I've been using them for years. I have done reviews over other suave products like Suave Anti Dandruff 2:1 Shampoo and Suave Moroccan Infusion hair serum

Starting with Suave deodorant everlasting sunshine smell, I can't say that I'm a big fan. It doesn't smell dirty or gross but it just isn't that great. For sure something that I'd want to mask with perfume. The packaging isn't the nicest looking, but it does make it easy to use. Turning the bottom to get more of the Suave Antiperspirant out is easy to do and the lid comes on and off easily. 

Use is fairly good. The deodorant goes on in a solid, slightly powder form, so you don't have to worry about any drying. It is important though to make sure you don't have any buildup. I'm not sure about the 24 hour protection Suave deodorant in everlasting sunshine will last you a full work or school day for sure. 

Overall I like this Suave 24 Hour Protection Antiperspirant, and from my review it get pretty good marks. It doesn't smell the best, but the packaging makes it easy to use and store making up for this. It also lasts quite a while, although someone with extreme sweat might not have enough protection. If you're looking for something a little stronger than Suave's everlasting sunshine deodorant I suggest looking at my review of Secret Clinical Strength 
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