Review: Milani Juicy Glo Nail Laquer

Review of Drug store nail polish
 You might be able to tell by the half empty bottle, but I've had, and have been using this Milani nail polish in Juicy Glo for quite awhile now. Actually its one of my high school colors so back in the day (last year) it was perfect for friday night football. It made it into my top drugstore nail polishes post, but since then I've discovered a few other great nail polishes, and even though Milani Juicy Glo isn't a bad polish, it has lost its spot. 

Milani nail laquer goes on smooth, I didn't have any bubbles or streaks even though this polish is at least two years old. It dries well too, not staying tacky for long at all, and doesn't streak. The problem though is that it isn't opaque at all after two coats, which is pictured below, you can still see my nail protein through the orange nail color. 
Review of Milani Nail Laquer
As far as wear and tear goes I'd say that this Milani Juicy Glo is pretty fair. I'm not saying you're going to last all week without having to touch it up, but I got three days without a chip, and that's without using a top coat. The smell is a little strong, but I think part of that is the age of my polish.

Overall this Milani Juicy Glo orange nail polish is only so so. Its a great color, and goes on smoothly but it needs too many coats. For a two dollar nail polish it really isn't bad, but for even less you can get L.A. Colors Morning Glory and get an even better look.
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