Review: Loreal Miracle Blur

Miracle Blur Instant finishing cream
Revitalift Miracle Blur
Loreal Paris

This instant skin smoother finishing cream made by L'oreal Paris is a part of their Revitalift collection. Its supposed to instantly erases the look of lines wrinkles and pores. Loreal says that your skin should be soft and feel smooth after use, leaving a velvet like matte finish that lasts all day. It can be worn daily, alone or with foundation. Even though I am a little young to have wrinkle problems, its always better to prepare ahead, and I have a feeling I'm going to keep using this cream to do that.

Coming out of the package the smell is a little chemical, but I think that's pretty common because my Lancome Night Cream, and eye cream had a similar smell. I guess that's how you know its working, and work it does. The texture is a little different than I expected, almost a little gritty (not like my Clean and Clear) but it didn't seem to irritate my skin and actually it made it a little easier to apply.

After application my skin felt very smooth. None of the gritty texture after using the Loreal Miracle blur was left on my skin and in its place was an almost silk like feeling. Its not oily in the least and is very light. Although this sin't the strongest wrinkle cream I've used it has a this great affect of making the skin much more photogenic.

I really like the Loreal Revitalift Miracle Blur, its a light wrinkle cream, for a stronger one I'd recommend Hydroxatone Wrinkle Complex. It works so well, my skin feels fresh and moisturized, and it doesn't irritate skin at all.  Honestly this could work amazingly as an everyday lotion.
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