Review: Food Should Taste Good Chips

Varieties of Found should taste good chips
 I just received these Food Should Taste Good Chips to try out and I have to say that I like them pretty well. I had them straight, instead of with a salsa like its recommended and I still kept eating them. One after another after another. Actually if you look closely you can see that the small bag on the right, the olive flavor, is empty. I meant to wait until I took the photo to start trying them out, but I couldn't help myself. Each one that I've tried so far is quite good, although the Jalapeno flavor is a little too spicy for me.

Lately it seems like snack food, and chip makes are trying to look for more healthy alternatives to the normal foods they make, I've done a review of Cheetos White Cheddar Corn Puffs and Pop Chips both of which are healthy snack foods, but I think these all natural tortilla chips by Food Should Taste Good might be the healthiest of all because not only are the all natural they're also gluten free and kosher. They have no trans fat low sodium, and are vegan as well. Honestly I can't think of any more that they could do to make this chips better.
Clip and Bag from chips
Along with the super healthy tortilla chips I was sent this clip and reusable bag.  I can never have enough clips to hold my chips so of course I was excited to see that, but the bag is my top favorite. I love going to the grocery store and using reusable bags not only are they stronger than either the paper or plastic, but they're better for the environment. I might even do a whole post about grocery shopping the smart way. 
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