Review: Avon Moisture Therapy Body Lotion

Review of Avon Lotion
Moisture Therapy
Shea Body Lotion

This is the third time that I've started to review the Avon Moisture Therapy Body lotion. Its been a staple in my house for so long that I was completely sure that I had already reviewed it. Even before sitting down to do this post I did another quick search (my fourth) to see if I already talked about it, and of course as I already knew I hadn't. I did find something similar though, a review of Avon Moisture Therapy Hand lotion  even though these products have very similar names, and both work well, they are quite different.

This moisturizing formula is made with Shea Butter and Jojoba oil to lavish dry, dehydrated skin with long lasting moisture. This thick and rich lotion is supposed to absorb quickly and immediately block moisture loss. To use just smooth over rough, dry or ashy skin daily. Starting with packaging, I love how simple it is to open up this lotion no twisting or taking off a lid. Just lift up the cap and squeeze out the lotion. Avon's moisture Therapy has a pleasant smell, that I think comes from the Shea Butter. Not as nice as the GinZing moisturizer but still good.

Going on it is thicker than the other Moisture Therapy by Avon, but I wouldn't call it a particularly thick lotion because its still quite runny. Its a pure white and does absorb into the skin quickly, but for a little while afterwards it tends to leave an oily feel on skin.

Overall I really like this lotion. It moisturizes well, is easy to use and doesn't smell too bad. The only major downside is that since its an Avon product, you won't be able to go to your local drug store and picked it up. This though is another Avon win. like Avon's Strawberry nail lacquer
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