Mammoth Cave New Entrance

cave tour in kentucky
 After checking out our cabin at Mammoth Cave we headed to buy tickets. Since we went in an off time it wasn't a big deal for us to get them, but if you're going to go on a weekend especially in the summer then you really should order the tickets before. Although there were a few different tours to choose from we decided on the New Entrance tour, and lucky for us only a about 20 people were on the tour as well.

The first thing we did was get acquainted with our tour guide and learn a learn a little about where we were going. Then onto the bus where he told us more information about the new entrance. Basically there was a very persistent oil tycoon who eventually made an entrance into the Mammoth cave and was able to make money off of it. Eventually he went bankrupt and this, along with the rest of the cave system was bought by the United States Park Service. 

Even before entering the cave, we had to walk down quite a few stairs to get to the entrance. After a little more cave history then came the real work, walking down many flights of stairs. Going down was a little trouble and actually the United States Government went to their third contractor, a submarine builder, before finding someone who could make the stairs. 
Getting pictures was quite hard, but I think I ended up with a few that I really like and even some with my family, and the Big Hair. The tour guide was fantastic, answering everyone's questions and taking his time to go through the cave slowly. The last thing we did was walk over a sponge mat because of some fungus, I think white nose fungus affecting the bats. Doing things like touring the New Entrance at Mammoth cave and hiking at brown county really make me like living where I do. 
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