Making Freezer Pickles

I decided to make use of a quick recipe that I found online for making freezer pickles because I have a ton of cucumbers and they only last so long fresh. Although storing cucumbers for the winter wasn't as easy as storing corn it ranks pretty close with only a few steps to do before putting them in the freezer, where the cucumbers who would have only lasted a week or so will last all winter long. To make these freezer pickles only a few things are needed, cucumbers, pepper, onion, sugar and vinegar. Since I didn't have any mistakes making these I'm pretty confident is saying this recipe is fool proof. I mean I failed at making brownies

The first step to making the freezer pickles is cutting up the cucumbers. I ended up putting eight cups in but really the amount of cucumbers you put in depends on what you want to ratio to be. I then sliced and added green and yellow peppers that came from my garden then added two small thinly sliced onions to the mix. Personally I would have loved to dice the onions, but I was overruled.  Then comes the two cups of sugar and the cup of white vinegar. Mix it up really well after all the ingredients are added, at first I thought it wouldn't be moist enough, but there was plenty of liquid to go around. 

 The last thing you do is set the whole container of freezer pickles in the refrigerator for three days to get it to mix properly. After this is can be transferred into bags for the freezer. Making these freezer pickles is a great way to make you a little more self sufficient with your gardening, something that is very trendy right now with all the GMO drama. Another great idea would be to have your own orchard
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