Making a Chest, Day 1

Recycled Wood
I've been really into being green, with my small garden and recycled projects like my upcycle cat shaped dog toy and making a pillow from a shirt. So when I heard my mother mention that where she works they simple throw away wood pallets after use, I quickly went to Etsy for some design ideas. I found benches, chairs, chests, crates, and trays all made out of pallets, that would normally be thrown away. Not only that but these recycled wood items were selling for very high prices.

 I was surprised at how quickly my mother was able to bring me pallets, and at the volume they came in. I think it was two days after I asked for them I ended up with all these in the truck. A man who works with her was kind enough to load them all up in our truck and tie them down. We had to unassembled is all, mostly taking out screws and a few bolts and that was all. The quality of the wood I got was amazing.
how to make a chest
Then came the cutting and sanding. First my grandfather decided that we should make a chest (the hardest thing on the list) and he started on the plans. The trunk is going to be about 4 feet long, three feet high and three feet wide. I was thought it would be about a two day project, and time for me staining, but it looks like it'll be at least three days in the wood shop. We finish all the cutting, except for some of the bottom pieces, finished the lid, and started the sanding.  The last picture is of the lid, and even without sanding it looks beautiful (although it is a little hard to tell in the picture). I'm so excited that I'm going to have my own made trunk. 
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