Making Blackberry Crepes

how to make crepes
After doing my ASG presentation, I was quite hungry not really for a full meal but something sweet that I could have a bit of. I didn't have any packaged desserts so I decided I could make one on my own. Crepes is what it ended up being. Making them is simple,  with only a few ingredients and a little bit of time, you can have your own crepes. I don't really have a recipe for making these crepes just add a little of this and that and the fruit you want, I added blackberries, and top a little sugar on them. Then you can be having your own German Blackberry Crepes.
making homemade crepes
The first thing to do is heat up a pan and add butter to the bottom. Then get out the flour and sugar and mix a bit of it in a bowl with some milk. I don't really have a set measurement of each amount of ingredient I just kind of get what looks like the right consistency. They you pour your crepe batter into the now hot pan and cook it like a pancake. When its half done you can also add some type of fruit, I added blackberries, and let it continue to cook. Then roll it up and take it out. Add a little sugar on the top and then you have Blackberry Crepes which are perfect for breakfast with poached eggs or for dessert with Betty Crocker Lemon Bars
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