Life Photos: Given Clothes & Food

Chinese clothing haul
 Awhile back I went all by myself to the post office to get the package of clothing that I had ordered. I had been home when the post person rang my door bell, but had been previously engaged at the time. This was actually the first time I drove there by myself to get my items, normally I convince someone else to go get them. I've already done outfit posts over each of the things I was given first, the heart shaped sunglasses, then the kissing dogs belt, and last the spliced leather leggings.
homemade pie from berries
 I know, I know this is a food picture so it should go in an everyday food post, but you see I already have a picture of the piece of pie I ate and I had to share this picture of the full pie that my grandmother made, because it looks so good. I just wish I liked blackberries more.
chickens just hanging out
 Here's a picture of my Grandparents chickens receiving the day's table scraps. I love all the pleasant sounds that the hens make. Its important to note that the only reason these chickens look so nice is because they are just a hobby. On the way home from my grandparents I saw a truck packed full of chickens to be slaughtered. I guarantee you they didn't live in a place like this.
corn without the husk
 My second batch of corn to cook and freeze. I swear after all this done there won't be any room left in the freezer. Or really the compost  since thats where all the waste goes.
little green pepper
Here's a green pepper from my garden that was used in making freezer pickles. Even though the garden is super tiny and barely makes anything I'm still super proud to have it. I'm really wanting to make it bigger next year.
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