Life Photos: Freshman Summer Work and Vacation

green tea with something in it
 After coming back from my Mammoth Cave trip, my mother bought Big Hair and I suckers. I handed mine to my mother when I was done, but he decided to stick his in his drink. Then when we dropped him off he tried to take it with him to hid the evidence but I took it to recycle and that's when I noticed what he did. 
doing a shed project
 My father decided that he should replace one side of the shed, so I went to help. He did 99% of the work all the cutting measuring nailing, and all I had to do was occasionally hold up or move a piece for him.
Blogger stats
 In between helping him do this, I caught up on my blogging. I found a nice shady spot to sit and wrote away while babysitting my dog. Looking at these pictures I think the lawn might need mowed.
own grocery bags
 Then after I was done helping my father I went to go help my mother unload groceries. We try to be environmentally friendly in a few different ways and one of those is to bring our own reusable bags to grocery stores instead of using the plastic ones they provide.
Mammoth cave entrance ticket
My ticket to the New Entrance Cave Tour. The price is a little expensive for just going and walking around but the cave is quite nice and its not like you could go without a tour guide.
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