Life Photos: Big Grandparents BH & Nails

inside a nail polish remover bottle.
 I wanted to test out two yellow nail polishes that I had, Avon's Sunshine Nail Polish  and Sally Hansen Mellow yellow but the problem was that I already had Wet n' Wild On a Trip Polish on my toes. To tell the truth the fact that I still had that polish on is a little gross because I painted my nails so long ago. It seems that they just don't wear off as fast as on my fingernails. Anyways when I was using the remover a q-tip slipped in, and there is no way I could have gotten it out. 
berry bush with butterfly
 When I was in my Boyfriend's driveway I saw this butterfly and after chasing it around a bit, I finally got a nice looking picture of it on this bush in their front yard. 
older calves in a field
 When my grandparents had to take care of their neighbors' farm I got to seem some of the very friendly young cows, or old calves. Since I'm not a farm person I don't really know when they stop being calves and when they start being cows. Awhile back I took pictures of this same farm with cows, when I went to see a new calf.
marigold bushes
 I have a small garden and have had a few marigold flowers but they never do that well, my grandparents flowers though look fantastic. They have yellow, orange and white marigolds that are huge, more like bushes than flowers, and reseed themselves every year. 
using a washer
When I was down at my grandparents I decided to do a little bit of laundry. I was going to make a whole domestic Hanna post about it but since my grandmother put the detergent and the dryer sheet in I decided that I wouldn't have enough to do. Just throw in some clothes and press a button.
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