Late Summer Blooms in the Yard

plant that still has flowers in august
bush with dinosaur leaves
some left in late summer
flowering bush
This afternoon I went outside in part to mulch my small garden using the waste pieces of the corn for freezing. I also went to take a little look around and see what kind of things were still growing. When I was looking at the sunflower plants I scared out a very young rabbit. Even though I shouldn't like them since they eat from my garden I can't help it, they're so cute. 

Going around, a lot of things are starting to come to a seasons end, maybe I'll do an update on this later,  so I was surprised to see that a lot of the bushes in the back of my hard looked so good. Many of which were blooming. Normally I like to write a little bit about each picture, but for this blog post I grouped them all together, because I have no idea what kind of bushes these are. Honestly they could be miniature trees.

All I know is that they look very pretty with all their flowers, and quite healthy. I'm kind of thinking this has something to do with all the rain we've been getting this summer. I hate all the bugs that it helps, but I love what its been doing for my plants. So much nicer than the dry garden I had last year. That, was almost a little depressing to deal with. Not even the grass in the yard could handle it.
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