Kitty Cat Jo

Pictures of a Brown Tabby Jo
I've already done a blog post about Mo the cat so I figured it was time to do one about her sister Jo. Now, in my opinion, Jo isn't quite as pretty as her little sister, but she is just as friendly and maybe even friendlier than Mo. Joe is more than happy to be carried around for hours around the yard or out into the woods  even in positions that seem to be quite uncomfortable. If you don't carry her along though, she'll just follow you wherever which I have a few pictures of.

On my first day at my grandparents after doing some work on my cedar chest  I went out to feed the chickens some slop from the meals we have. When I came out of the coop I noticed that Joe had followed me and was quietly waiting outside the chicken wire for me to return. On the way back she was messing with that tree. On the second day I went out there she got a little braver since I was taking quite a while looking at the garden. She climbed over to look at what I was doing.

Last is a picture of Jo by the pool. I even saw her drinking out of it once which I doubt tastes very good but its up to her. She also get very jealous and tends to leave via this deck if I'm not paying enough attention to her.
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