July Oasap Order & Giveaway

I just ordered another batch of items from one of my favorite online stores Oasap, which means time for another giftcard giveaway to one of my lucky blog readers. First though I'm going to do a little pre show and tell of the items I bought, since I am really excited about what I bought. If you're really bored of things like my Marshalls Haul then I suppose that you can scroll to the rafflecopter giveaway entry at the bottom. 

Belt with kissing dogs
Here's the first of the three things that I got with my Oasap credits this month, a kissing dog belt for $10. For as long as I've been doing Oasap Reviews, over a year now, I've seen this belt in their shop and its always been on my list but I guess I'm just now getting around to ordering it. There are just so many different things to decide from. This kissing dog belt comes in four different colors, and one size.

My second item is a pair of cut out fake leather leggings. These have also been on my list for a very long time but I didn't get these until now for a different reason, I was afraid they'd look terrible on! After looking at the pictures that other people posted on the product page, I changed my mind. Everyone looked so nice. 

Since this post is getting a little long, and I know you're all ready for the giveaway, I'll save the the last item I ordered as a surprise. To enter my giveaway for your own $50 oasap gift card, basically just be a follow of me!

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