Introducing BA Star Cosmetics

Eye Shadow and Shimmer Base BA Star Cosmetics
BA Star is a company known for being the top seller for competitive cheerleading and dance team makeup. This isn't a surprise when you look at the makeup that they have to offer. They have a huge variety of colors, all of which are super pigmented and their formula is long lasting. They also sell bags, both cosmetic, and duffle, makeup brushes, headbands, and false eyelashes. 

They sent me two of their products to review their BA Star Deep Plum Star Dust and BA Star Shimmer Base both of which are amazing makeup products to have for any girl, not just those into sports. The eyeshadow is a beautiful color lasts all day and even has a nice sparkle to it. If you get it wet can can also be used as an eyeliner. The shimmer base is a perfect way to make your eye makeup last on hot and humid days or for someone how is especially bad about rubbing their eyes. It isn't sticky and comes off nicely at the end of the day.

Even though the products are already well priced at BA Star, especially if you order in groups of 6 or more, I even have a coupon to share with you guys and its for 50% off. Just type in BB Dust when you order at BA Star to use this 50% off coupon good for anything at their store. It is valid until September 30th
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