How to Turn a Shirt into a Sofa Pillow

how to make a sofa pillow from scraps
 I'm normally not big on sewing, it really isn't my thing. I mean I love it when my mother makes me skirts or my grandmother makes me a quilt, but for me it really isn't that much fun. I've always thought of it as too old ladyish. However I did have to do a a recycled craft 4-H project (if anyone even knows what that is) and I wanted to do something useful. So I went with a pillow for the couch. Making a pillow out of an old shirt is super cost effective too, because if you go to a fabric store and buy fabric, buttons etc it gets quite expensive. Simply getting a shirt from goodwill and turning it into an upcycled project is much cheaper and better for the environment too. 
Shirt to turn into something else
 Here's the shirt that I started with that happened to come from a Goodwill outlet store. If you haven't ever been its this amazing place that sells things, very cheaply, by the pound. A perfect destination for anyone looking for cheap fabric. Its a little chaotic but the staff is very serious about rules so it isn't too bad. I decided on this shirt because it has nice thick fabric, perfect for home decor, as well as buttons.
making a pillow from a shirt
 The first step was cutting it into pieces that I wanted to use. I didn't have a specific size that I was going for, really just trying to make it as big as I could so that I wouldn't waste any fabric. After that came cutting up the sleeves into strips for the binding. The binding for this recycled pillow really wasn't hard to do, and patching up the pattern on the shirt didn't take hardly any time. After that all I had to do was get a pre made pillow in it via the button holes. The first two that I used were actually to small so I ended up with the largest size pillow we had, and I think it ended up quite nice.
Upcycle pillow
Here's the final product is now proudly displayed on the couch. This is actually the back, but since the front is just plain I thought this would be better. It has two buttons down the middle, which are were the pillow insert went in as well as two pockets for holding things like the remote, that were already on the shirt. Overall I really liked doing this project. I'm a big fan of recycling and this is a great way to do it. Not to mention the pillow actually turned out quite nice. I may actually do a few more sewing posts which compliment my baking quite well.
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