Homemade Vanilla Ice cream

hand made ice cream
Summer's almost over, so I decided to get in a few more cool summer treats recipes, like my Lemon Bars and Carrot Cake Creme Pies, to take advantage of all the different foods that are unique to hot weather. So up now is home made vanilla ice cream. Since I have an electric turner, instead of a hand cranked one, making this simple ice cream was easy to do and tasted much better than the store bought kind. Even if it isn't much to look at from the picture above.

board for making ice cream
Even for someone as challenged in the kitchen as me, making this ice cream was easy to do. First measure out some milk, and cream then put in a bowl. Mix this together and then add the cream after this simply put it in your already turned on ice cream turner and add the vanilla. I always add a little more than the average but do whatever works best for you. 

As the machine starts to do its magic (I'd let it go for five minutes), it starts to get very cold. So cold that there is frost on the outside of it. Then just scoop it out and eat. One thing to remember is that before cleaning out your turning machine you're supposed to wait for it to heat up a little bit. This prevents unneeded damage.

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