Homemade Thank You Cards

DIY cards
A while back I received Birthday presents from my relatives, and I also was given money for graduation. I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up receiving anything for graduation because I graduated before my class so I figured everyone had forgot by now. Well that and I didn't have an open house (which I think are dumb) so there wasn't any requirement for gifts. I did however decide that I was going to make thank you cards for everyone, since I did such a good job making a couch pillow out of a shirt I figured why not. To start with I simply bought plain white cards and envelopes from a craft store.
DIY Thank you cards
Since its summer I was thinking about using those sea stamps I bought with my Ebay coupon, but I was still a little annoyed with that whole thing so I went with another summer thing, a Butterfly. I just had to stamp about 20 cards and then into the printer they went. For the printed part I simply put in bold print font "Thank You So Much" and then I wrote at on the bottom part what they got me and signed my name. For relatives that I thought would think it was funny I added a few animal rights stickers plastered inside. Its the same group where I got my Veggie Burger Tee Shirt.
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