Green Beans Potatoes, and Beef

Easy to make Dinner
 I think for the first time ever I made dinner at my house. I've made things like vanilla Pudding Brownies, Gingerbread popcakes and a ton of other desert things, but never a full mean. Since my mother was busy doing other things I figured this was as good of a time as any to start, and it actually turned out quite well.  Much better than a lot of my early cooking attempts.

A dinner to make at home
To start with I had to wash the potatoes. I know that potatoes come from the ground and all, but I had no idea that they got so dirty. Scrubbing them wasn't easy. After that came the green beans, which came from my grandparents garden. I love organic food, and wish that I could cook whole means just on things that have been grown in my garden. After the green beans have been had been in for ten minutes in went the yukon potatoes. Last was the meat. Although I'm trying to become a vegan I live with two people who still love to eat meat, I'm trying to change this but its a long process.
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