Flowers and Fish at Shipshewana

reeds in a fish pond

Shipshewana fish decoration
I've already done a post on the outside of Shipshewana  but there were so many pretty flowers, and fish ponds that I had to take more pictures of them. Even though I have a fish tank and I'm not all that fond of it, I would love to have a koi pond. Gold Fish, and koi, as so much more interactive then the silly tropical fish that I have. I'm sure though that even if I got a koi pond it wouldn't look nearly as fancy as these, but I'd like to think it would.

Pretty Parking Lot

Pretty Parking Lot
 Then while walking around, which is much easier than driving to a lot of the places at Shipshewana I noticed how pretty the plantings were at the parking lot. Even though I've been before I never noticed how nice it actually looked. I'm not sure if this was because it wasn't there or because I hadn't been paying attention. Really though, when the trees and bushes get really large Shipshewana is going to be so pretty. Too bad they can't do anything about the horse poop.

trash can with flowers on top
Then when we were leaving the Davis Mercantile Building, the one with the tree in the middle , I saw this trash can with flowers on top. Everything was so pretty and flowery. I love that it looks this way, but I'm not sure how Amish it is. I always assumed they liked plain things, and these flowers are not that.
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