Everyday Life: The Fair and Seed

pig at the fair
I went to the fair, twice actually, and saw all the animals. This was one of the pigs laying down in his pen, since it was before the judging I can't say if he was a champion or not. But remember that bird wool applique pillow I made, well it ended up doing really well. Much better than I expected. One thing i do have to say is that I can't believe how expensive it is to do anything at the fair, between parking rides and food you can loose quite a bit.
vintage books
Book and an apron that I gave away. Whenever I'm done reviewing a book I always give it away so if you're interested in of the books I've recently reviewed, like my Godonomics book review just send me an email saying you want it. I only ask that you pay shipping which on average is less than $3.
Tiffany and Co in Town and Country
If you've seen my post about the Villa Paloma Pendent or my Tiffany's Wishlist  you'd know that Tiffany and Co is by far my favorite Jewelry Store. So when I received my Town and Country Magazine I was more than happy to look through their Mad About Jazz booklet.
indianapolis zoo
I went to the zoo with my boyfriend and for whatever reason he decided to stick this in my purse. Seriously people thinking that you can carry all their crap is one of the worst things about using a purse. For my full outfit, you can check out my Bohemian Floral and White Outfit post.

Seed to throw outside
I haven't done a post about my African Grey for awhile, but some of my older blog readers might remember her. Everyday she needs her seed changed and since she is picky Elizabeth tends to leave a lot behind and all of that is dumped into this bucket pictured. When it gets full it goes out to feed the outside birds, who aren't nearly as fickle. 
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