Everyday Food: Subway, Home Ugly

food from my iPhone
My last food post, all about foods I ate at my grandparents and really all of my every day food posts before that I did all of my food photos and uploaded them separately. This time I thought I could try and add all the photos together and then do a blog post that way. It looks so much cleaner like how I did my Mammoth cave trip but it does mean that I won't have these individual photos to keep, so this may be how it is in the future, or it might not be. I'm foreseeing a kind of hybrid between the two.

First up, the largest picture is of the Subway sandwich I ate for lunch before picking my dog up at the groomer. I haven't had subway for such a long time, but it I always like it when I do. This was a chicken sandwich, but next time I think I'm going to go for an all veggie one. To make it up to checkers that she had to be boarded for three days I bought her a whole new pack of dog treats, you can check out my Minities Dog Treat review for more information about them if you're curious. Basically though they just make her breath smell good.  

Then to the right is something that I can't exactly remember what it was, but I'll try. A salad, I'm so tired of them,  hash browns, and spinach. I love spinach, even if most people don't and with my Nexplanon problems, I think the extra iron is good for me. Maybe I'll even be able to donate blood again soon. Next is fried rice, hormone free cheese and tomatoes. The tomatoes are from the garden, the cheese is from Yoder's Meat and Cheese Shop, the rice and gravy covering though is simply from Kroger. You can't do everything the hippie way.

Then comes Home Made Pizza and yet another salad. I don't know how many more I can take to tell the truth. We have them almost every night. Last is beef ravioli, salsa rice left over from an earlier meal and cheese on top. This of course was not my idea, but rather my father's. I have to admit though that it tasted pretty good.
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