Everyday Food: Rally's, Home, Grandparents

Fast Food Bacon Sandwich
The first food that I had (actually I mean took a picture of) since my mostly Indian food, along with a few others including a Wendy's Baconator. Its a Rally's bacon sandwich and I have to say that it was pretty good, but for the price, I'd go with Wendy's. It had more bacon, and the bun was fantastic.
grilled cheese sandwich
Looking through my archives I was sure that I had done something over making a grilled cheese sandwich since I eat them quite often, and I've done how to blog posts over simpler things like making red gelatin, so I guess you can look for a grilled cheese post in the future.
Burger King ice cream
I know this picture doesn't look that great, but I wanted to add it anyways. Burger King, one of the frequent fast food places I travel to has ice cream cones for $.50 each. Sure they'e just vanilla, and I prefer homemade ice-cream but nothing beats them when you're looking for an easy late night snack. 
Einstein bagel
The other day my parents brought home, as a treat these Einstein bagels. I don't mind eating breakfast if its these bagels that I'm eating. I prefer the ones with cheese melted on top, with a tomato basil spread, but really all the spreads and bagels are great.
Farm Lunch
Here's what I ate at my Grandparents "farm" for lunch, you might have seen my post about their cats.  There was turkey, with a slight BBQ flavor, tomatoes, okra, fruits and vegetables as well as blackberries. Most of these came from their oversized garden except for the blackberries where a neighbor was selling them for a dollar a pound if you picked them yourself. 
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