Everyday Food: The Pretty was Away

unhealthy food front and center
This time for my everyday food post, it would seem that all the pretty food that I ate, okay there are only two foods shown, came from somewhere else. All of my at home food lately hasn't looked all taht pretty, but it tasted just fine. Maybe even better than one of the pretty foods I had. As  you can see since my first everyday food post in a collage I've been doing them. 

The big photo is of a pop tart that I had at my boyfriend's house. At my house we don't really carry any of the junk food kind of things, mostly because of me. I can eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting. So whenever I go somewhere else I'm sure to eat their food. 

At the right I for dinner one day had noodles with cheese in them. Things like this and my Macaroni and Cheese never look pretty when I take pictures of them, I'm thinking maybe I should add a filter,

Next down is the snow cone that I had at school yesterday. Its really very nice that they provide things like this on the first week of school, and during finals just to make students day a little nicer. By the way I had lemonade flavor, and it was very good, lots of syrup was on it.

Then was the meal I had yesterday for dinner. It wasn't anything special just a chicken patty, fries, cucumbers (not the freezer pickles) and apple sauce. Although I really liked the apple sauce, my favorite part of the meal was not having a salad. 

The last photo though does have salad, which is too bad. It also has a chicken patty but this one is different from the one I had last night because it wasn't filled with other things. Actually I'm pretty sure the other one is called a Kivi now that I think about it.
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