Everyday Food: Just Summer Drinks

best drinks to have
If you saw my last everyday food post, you may have read that I was debating if I should do the pictures individually or have them all in a collage. Well as of now it would seem that the Collage option has won out. This though is a little different everyday food post, consisting just of drinks really the only one of its kind. I'm going to start doing these, but they'll be few and far between because simply because I only drink a few different kinds of things.

The big brown drink. After getting myself a subway sandwich I noticed that they had a few different non carbonated drinks that I liked, so in the normal Hanna fashion I mixed them together. Actually my boyfriend made up "Hanna Drinks" for me for Christmas last year, but I didn't document it. The only present that ended up in the blog that he gave me for Christmas was my Cyndaquil Plushie

The yellow drink on the top right is pineapple juice. I love tomato juice so my mother thought I would like other kinds of natural drinks and when she saw this pineapple juice on sale she bought a ton. Now everyone is stuck drinking it and no one likes it all that well. Its just too sweet.

Then there is the Diet Snapple that came from Big Hair's house. His mother seems to like this diet kind because it doesn't have all the sugar and since I can't tell the difference,  its just the same to me. Anyways healthy is better.

Then there is the wine. It came from Aldi, who normally has cool things, like Meiji Yan Yan Cookies, but this wine was terrible. I knew it was going to be when my mother offered me some, which she never does, stingy lady but it was worse than I expected. This kind of thing is what you drink when you're already drunk.

Last is a simple glass of milk. This is what I drink on the daily at about an average of three glasses a day. People tell me its amazing I stay so thin drinking it, but I've been doing it my whole life so I think my body is just used to it.
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