Everyday Food: Indian, and the Rest

Indian food and drinks
 A little while back I went to an Indian Buffet. Although I've done a few posts about indian things, like the Indian remedy for growing hair and about an Indian purse I was given, I'm not all that sophisticated in Indian foods, so for me a buffet is much better than having to pick a single food. I can't quite remember what everything is but I'll try. In the biggest picture there is bread, and chickpeas which was really good, and a salty yogurt that serves as a dressing. In the next, more chickpeas (because I love them) rice pudding, and salad. At the bottom is Indian drinks that came from the grocery store next door to the restaurant.
what to make out of zucchini
 For dinner one night I had a main plate that consisted of pork, noodles zucchini and a vinegar dressing over the top. Everything but the pork was great, but I might just be a little biased toward my dislike of pork. The only kind of pig I like is bacon. 
Wendy's burgar with bacon
 That brings me to the Wendy's Bacon Pretzel Burger. When I was going on a cave trip, which I didn't take any pictures of, we decided to stop and get something to eat, Wendy's being one of my favorite places for fast food was promoted these Pretzel Burgers so I had to try one, and it was great!
Special K orange granola bar
Special K instant oatmeal
The last two pictures are of the breakfasts I've been eating since I was given new Special K nourish products to try out. Its such a change from my normal meal in the morning of nothing.
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