Everyday Food: Home Cooked, and Canned

Junk Food in the car
 It seems that I've been way behind of my everyday food blogging and even though I just did my last everyday food blog post I already have enough pictures for another one. I've been debating if I should make these a more frequent thing, taking pictures of all my meals, or just keep it at random foods I eat. Too bad I never remember to take the photos of my food, its just so hard when you're really hungry and you want to get started immediately. These food photos are in no particular order so I'll be skipping around on dates a little bit.

First up is the snack I ate on the way back from my grandparents house. Sunny D and a Slim Jim. Not the healthiest thing ever, but after a long day working on my wooden trunk I'd like to think I deserved a little junk food.
Chunky Beef Soup
 Then for dinner that same night I had Chunky Beef Sirloin soup from a can. Its obviously not going to be as good as home made, but it tasted fine to me.  Normally I make this kind of meal for myself, but this time around I had gotten someone else to do it for me.
BLT and corn on the cob
 For dinner last night I had a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich and corn on the cob. This corn is from the same batch that was used to cook and freeze fresh corn for storage.  Although the bacon was a little thin, I have to say that this was one of my favorite dinners lately. Although how can you go wrong with a BLT and fresh corn.
hearty chicken soup
 Here's the difference between when someone else makes me canned soup and when I make it myself, I do it the lazy way. I just dump the can into a pan heat it up and eat it straight out that way. One less thing to clean up, and no risk of spills.
multigrain tortilla chips
 Remember my review of Food Should Taste Good chips, well this is one of the bags of them, Since these are very plain flavored they're much better tasting with a little bit of salsa, making them perfect for an afternoon snack.
Blackberry dessert
A Blackberry pie. One of my grandparents neighbors was selling you pick it blackberries for $1 a pound so my mother and grandmother went to go get some. They made blackberry syrup and this pie. Although I like the taste of blackberries I hate their seed so this is only so so.
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