Everyday Food: Crepe all Home not Made

Crepe with Blackberry flavor
Here's a picture of the the blackberry crepe that I made, and ate. It was so good. Especially since it really isn't that unhealthy. I only wish though that blackberries didn't contain such tiny little seeds.
Bread wrapped food
Here is some of a hot pocket inspired food that I ate. I can't remember what it was called, but I'm pretty sure it came from Aldi. I do remember though that it had beans, corn and rice in it, that I had to heat it for two minutes and that it tasted pretty good.
Typical american dinner
Next is a dinner I had that my mother made for me. There was a fake meat patty (yay vegan!) Tomatoes and cucumbers in a salad, that were related to the cucumbers that went into making freezer pickles, and corn on the cob. This corn was related to my cooked and frozen corn.
dollar tree food
Here are some yogurt pretzels that came from the dollar store. I'm sure they weren't all that good for me, but they tasted so good that I ended up eating more than I should have. I planned on eating only a few but after a few minutes the whole bag was gone.
fresh green beans in a meal
Here are some green beans that came fresh from the garden that I had as a part of a simple dinner after doing my American Sewing Guild Blogging Presentation. It was something quick to eat since I didn't get home until around ten.
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